Enhanced privacy is now available for Bitcoin Cash

What you do with your money is your business. CashShuffle helps keep it that way.

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Make it hard to track your coins by shuffling them together with other users

CashShuffle is a fully decentralized coin mixing protocol that shuffles your Bitcoin Cash with other network participants. This shuffling process obscures your real spending and makes it difficult for chain analysis companies to follow your transactions.

CashShuffle runs in the background, so your private coins are ready when you are

When CashShuffle is enabled, your Bitcoin Cash wallet will keep track of shuffled (private) and unshuffled coins. In the background it continuously shuffles any unshuffled UTXOs for you. This way you can always spend your coins quickly and without worrying about prying eyes.

CashShuffle is currently being built into many popular Bitcoin Cash wallets

CashShuffle is already built into the Electron Cash wallet and is currently being developed for a number of other popular Bitcoin Cash wallets. Keep an eye on our wallets page to see if your favorite wallet is supported.

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